Ok thunder punt,

With FINA world champs cranking in hungry has anyone ever wondered what waterpolo is up to? Probably not – because who gives a fuck?!

I see this rugby/cricket banter shit…. but to be honest, have you ever had a grown man who is 6 ft 5 wrestle the shit outta you, elbow you In The head so that your concussed like Ben Smith then, have a laugh because it’s training? Probably not……. so bend over – welcome to Waterpolo!

Most of your fuckers haven’t even heard of the sport let alone played it.

If you love your nuts grabbed, the shit kicked outa you and an elbow to the face for good luck, you’re a good bastard!

Yes the ABs are legends, but imagine if we funded Olympic sport – we could absolutely deal with the world’s best and with the talent we have – we are that good!