While I was sitting on the dunny, procrastinating about getting back to work. I started thinking to myself why being an amateur golfer is actually awesome.

Below are 4 reasons why golf is the greatest sport to be an amateur.


You can be really shit and still win

NB – The golfer above didn’t win. He in fact came last. But you get my drift.

The handicap system means you can play and beat people who are comparably much better than you. For example; a standard golfer off a 22 handicap can play the world’s number one ranked golfer in a format like Stablefords, and actually fucking win

You can play the best courses
That same 22 handicapper who can’t hit his low irons for shit and gets the yips, can pretty much play the same courses where all the professionals play. Sure, it could get expensive, and likely require someone running an exceptional cutter, but when you sit back and think about that statement, it really is pretty fucking awesome.
Think of it this way; imagine being a fourth division Sunday league footballer and being able to play at Wembley, Camp Nou, Anfield, Soccer City, and Old Trafford.

You can play so many different formats
Stablefords, Match play, Stroke play, Ambrose, Split sixes, Shotgun, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bingo-Bango-Bongo, Scramble, Chapman, Skins, Best Ball, Ghost, Greensome, Foursomes, Coloured Ball, Roll the Dice, Stringball, Lagging, Gruesomes, St Andrews Foursomes, Scotch Foursomes, Daytona, Bloodsome Scramble, Oozles & Foozles, Flags, Peoria System.

Admittedly, I have no fucking idea how to play three quarters of these formats, but the mere fact that there are so many variations of the same game means it remains interesting no matter how long or often you play.

Golf and wets got together like two peas in a beer-filled pod. You can drink wets before, during, and after a game of golf. In fact, the two can become so intertwined, that you can organise an afternoon, weekend, or 10-day excursion and it will soon become difficult to distinguish whether the primary purpose was wets or golf regardless of the occasion.