As the dust settles on what can only be deemed a successful Lions Tour (it was a somewhat historic series draw in the land of the long white cloud) I decided to work through the pain of it all by taking a closer look at the man who was put in and put himself in the middle of it, the thick of it, at every chance possible. If you’d asked me before the tour what that guy had to do to earn my respect, I would’ve probably said ‘win a test’; and that was a lofty goal. All the talk coming into the tour was which super rugby sides would get the chocolates and which ones Farrell might be able to get the boys in red home against with 18 or 21 points off the boot.

So does he now have it? He had the boys throwing the pill around, he showed Eddie how to use Ben Traitor Teo’o effectively, and he got a win and a draw. So I respect him right? Fuck NO, I hate that prick.

What really gets me fucking going about Warren is the roller coaster of approaches he feels comfortable taking in the process, his attitude, comments and opinion on everything is FLEXIBLE AS FUCK.

Warren and the Media

Landed off the plane embarking on a ‘charm offensive’.  He then packed a sad about being disrespected by his ‘home media’ after losing to the Highlanders and Blues. Acts like a right cunt and looks quite sad in the process tbh.

Warren and the Franchises

1. BLUES  – Warren suffers a loss “we’re here for the tests”.

2. CRUSADERS – Warren gets a win “We smashed and bashed up the all black tight five, great win”.

3. HIGHLANDERS – Warren loses “They’re all as good as the all blacks, massive depth”.

4. CHIEFS –  gets a win. “We’ve exposed a soft underbelly of NZ rugby masquerading as depth, not bad for a clown aye (see Waz and the media above)”.

5. HURRICANES – draw (post AB’s loss) “It’s good for rugby, we’re just here to entertain”

Seriously Warren what the fuck did you want from these games?

Warren and the Reinforcements (lol fuckwit)

Is he getting more players? Steve thinks so. “No I’m not”. 1 week later “Oh wait yes I am, to beef up the midweek team”. Welsh and Scottish to avoid bringing in jet lag (don’t even fucking start on jet lag by the way). You’re disrespecting the jersey Waz, “don’t care they’re on the bench, we’re here for the test matches”. ( He then doesn’t give them minutes and draws with Canes). “Thought there’d be a fuss about the jersey so I didn’t put them on”. Jesus Christ.

And finally, my fucking favourite – Warren and the media part II.

Warren upholds the long tradition in rugby of being gutted at a draw. Standard. Then proceeds to walk into a fucking press conference with a clown nose on, presumably poking fun at those who called him a clown and now he gets to throw it back in their face!!! From the draw Warren? You said you were gutted. FUCKWIT.

How was the charm offensive you flipflopping cunt?

NB: His win record with Wales sits at 50%. Against NZ, SA and Australia combined he is 2 wins from 31 games. He won’t coach the AB’s.